How to add an Android Studio project to GitHub ?

·         Sign up and create a GitHub account in
·         Download git from and install it in your system.
·         Open the project in android studio and go to File -> Settings -> Version Control -> Git.
·         Click on test button to test “path to Git executables”. If successful message is shown everything is ok, else navigate to git.exe from where you installed git and test again.
·         Go to File -> Settings -> Version Control -> GitHub. Enter your email and password used to create GitHub account and click on OK button.
·         Then go to VCS -> Import into Version Control -> Share Project on GitHub. Enter Repository name, Description and click Share button.
·         In the next window check all files inorder to add files for initial commit and click OK.
·         Now the project will be uploaded to the GitHub repository and when uploading is finished we will get a message in android studio showing “Successfully shared project on GitHub”. Click on the link provided in that message to go to GitHub repository.
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Commit after  making a change 
Go to VCS -> Git -> Commit file . Then type a commit message and click on commit button.


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