Proguard : Shrink, obfuscate, and optimize your app

Proguard : Shrink, obfuscate, and optimize your app To make your app as small as possible, you should enable shrinking in your release build to remove unused code and resources. When enabling shrinking, you also benefit from obfuscation, which shortens the names of your app’s classes and members, and optimization, which applies more aggressive strategies to further reduce the …

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Android Studio Improve performance tip

Enable Offline Work:1. Click File -> Settings. Search for “gradle” and click in Offline work box.2. Go to Compiler (in same settings dialog just below Gradle) and add –offline to Command-line Options textbox. Improve Gradle PerformanceAdd following two line of code in your Increasing the value of -Xmx and -Xms in studio.vmoptions file-Xms1024m-Xmx4096m-XX:MaxPermSize=1024m-XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize=256m-XX:+UseCompressedOops

How to take a screenshot in Android Studio

Take a screenshot On many Android devices, you can capture a screenshot with a key-combination: Simultaneously press-and-hold Power and Volume-down. You can also capture a screenshot with Android Studio as follows: Run your app on a connected device or emulator. If using a connected device, be sure you have enabled USB debugging. In Android Studio, select View …

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Image libraries for android

Image library Major image loading libraries in android are :1.Picasso 2.Glide 3.Universal Image Loader4.Fresco 1.Picasso ———————– GRADLE implementation ‘com.squareup.picasso:picasso:2.71828’ Picasso.get() .load(url) .placeholder(R.drawable.user_placeholder) .error(R.drawable.user_placeholder_error) .into(imageView); 2.Glide ———————Gradle dependency: repositories { mavenCentral()  google()}dependencies {  implementation ‘com.github.bumptech.glide:glide:4.8.0’ annotationProcessor ‘com.github.bumptech.glide:compiler:4.8.0’} Glide.with(getApplication()).load(url) .centerCrop() .crossFade() .error(R.mipmap.ic_launcher) .diskCacheStrategy(DiskCacheStrategy.ALL) .into(imageView); 3.Universal Image Loader————————————— Gradle dependency: compile ‘com.nostra13.universalimageloader:universal-image-loader:1.9.5’ ImageLoader imageLoader = ImageLoader.getInstance(); // Get singleton instance // Load image, …

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